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More painting

I somehow suckered both of my parents into coming over to help paint. Mom is just out of frame here and you can see Dad painting on the ladder. I think he liked coming over to paint.

Two coats of primer up at this point. Everything is looking great in my opinion.

Here we have the finished job. I went with Ultra Pure White. It’s hard to see the difference in the last two photos, but the Ultra Pure White is definitely brighter than the Kilz white paint. I just wish the lighting was similar between the two photos.

It was a great week to paint. Great breeze all week. No rain. While it was hot on occasion, we learned to work on the south side of the house early in the morning while it was nice and cool and then move to the west and north side of the house by noon. This gave us plenty of opportunity to work in the shade. Working on the east side of the house wasn’t bad either. We just learned to work on the southeastern face first thing and the northeastern face so we could be in the shade from the crepe myrtles.

Thanks again Mom and Dad for coming out. If you two weren’t here to lend a hand, there is no way I would have finished as quickly as I did.

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