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Exterior Lighting

After I got the exterior of the house cleaned up, I thought the next best thing to do would be to add some lighting to highlight hot the house looks as well as enhance the light in the driveway. I haven’t been happy with how the floodlight over the garage door has performed. One light was broken when I moved in so it just pointed straight down. The CFLs that were being used were also not great. They took a long time to warm up before they would put out useful light.

So I found a pretty neat LED light that was sold online from Home Depot. It was cheaper there than anywhere else I was able to find on the internet. It has a much wider range of detection as well. The garage door opening will trigger the light. It’s bright, low wattage, doesn’t trigger all night like the old light did and has a great color.

I also found a couple lights on Amazon that are solar powered LED spotlights. They are inexpensive, have a replaceable battery that is easily found locally and is quite pleasant. In this photo I have both lights on low power pointed at the address sign.

I wanted to see how it looked on the upright. This photo shows the difference in brightness between low on the sign and high on the upright.

This is a close up of the light set to high.

After I decided that I liked how the light looks on the uprights, I moved the light off the address sign and chose to run both on high.

I liked it so much I bought another light to highlight the street address. I feel as though this was a great idea and worth the $40 I spent on lights. I have a 4th light in the garage that I need to figure out what I need to do with. All three lights are set to full bright in this photo.

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