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A little maintenance work

Since I’m absolutely terrible about updating this lately, here is something that happened back in July. I had been having some sporadic noise on startup in the Jeep, but I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. The water pump is only a couple of years old, the idler pulley felt ok when I pulled the belt off and the power steering didn’t feel gritty. It didn’t feel sticky. It didn’t feel good though. I just chalked that up to the water pump moving fluid while I was spinning


So after a couple of days, this happened. It blew the bearing out the rear of the power steering pump. There are small orange pieces of the seal on the water pump, oil everywhere and a belt that isn’t happy. There wasn’t much left of the race after it exploded. It did manage to stall my Jeep out in traffic. At least it’s an easy fix.

So about 3 hours later and I have a new pump installed. I needed to catch a ride down to the parts store to by a new pump and pick up a pulley puller. Once that got removed and re-installed, installation took about 30 minutes.

About two days after dealing with the water pump, I got to deal with ice in my fridge. It had been dumping water into the bottom of the refrigerator section and I was tired of having water all over. It took about 4 hours to defrost my fridge even after I started flushing room temp water over the tray. I think it was frozen 3-4″ down the drain tube. You can see where Samsung riveted a piece of aluminum around the defrost heater. Unfortunately it doesn’t protrude far enough into the drain to keep it from freezing up. For a more permanent fix, I stripped some copper wire I had in the garage, wrapped it around the heater and threaded it down the drain tube. Now when the heater kicks on, the copper will transfer the heat into the drain tube and that should keep it from freezing up again.

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