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June was an interesting month

So for those people who know me in real life knows that I left my job at McDonald’s after 12 years. I decided that I was no longer happy in the role I was in, the work was no longer satisfying and I felt as though I was not going to experience more personal growth. So I put in my notice. I’m currently working for a security consulting firm in their managed security service department. I’m currently working as an analyst researching threats, attacks, suspicious web traffic, etc. I’m a bit more comfortable being here now since it’s been 3 months, but I’m still out of my depth on a lot of things.

Enough about that for now, let’s talk about this:

Cigar City Brewing. A fine brewing establishment in Tampa, Florida. They serve a fine brew known as Jai Alai. This is not the first time I’ve had Jai Alai before, but it’s quite hard to find around Louisiana.

I spent some time in St. Petersburg and Tampa for training for the new job. The regional office that I work from is in St. Petersburg. Well, I’m more attached to that office. I haven’t moved. I just work from home now. When I get home from St. Pete, I had a new job to do as well.

My old HotPoint dishwasher had given up the ghost and started leaking water. The door had rusted out around the door seal and it wasn’t work trying to do anything with. I spent some quality time with my friends at and purchased a dishwasher based on their recommendations. This lovely KitchenAid is their highest rated dishwasher. I’ll talk about installing the KitchenAid in the next post. I think I have two more projects to discuss and then I’ll be in a position where I can talk about what I do now.

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