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Dishwasher Swap

So as I mentioned last time, I went ahead and bought a new dishwasher. This was something I really wanted to do. I had considered replacing my dishwasher previously because it was quite loud while not being very efficient. It was also missing wheels on the bottom rack and the rack itself was not in great condition. A lot of the tines were starting to rust or were bent.

Mom took delivery of the new dishwasher while I was in St. Pete. I had actually forgotten I had ordered the dishwasher since it was going to take 4-6 weeks for delivery from DirectBuy.

Removing the old dishwasher was pretty easy. Disconnect water line under the sink. Disconnect the drain line under the sink. Unplug power under the sink. Remove 2 screws under edge of counter. Done. Installation of the new dishwasher was pretty much the same. It took longer to drive to Home Depot to buy a new water supply line and power hookup.

At this point the dishwasher is installed and working. Installation did not get completed for about another hour. You can see the front cover for the bottom of the dishwasher sitting on the counter. The water hookup and drain is on the front of the dishwasher. Leaving the cover off allowed me to verify that nothing was leaking after running the dishwasher. This is by far the quietest dish washer I’ve ever heard. Absolutely worth all of the money that I spent on it.


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