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So I’ve had the homelab sitting on the floor in the garage for months now. It’s a pretty large size for a small garage. I say small. It’s 22×24 or so. That’s probably an average sized garage. It feels small with the stuff I have in the garage. Anyway, it needs to go.┬áSo I called my uncle to see about using this:

To mount this:

Up here:

It wasn’t too bad to get mounted. It only took about 90 minutes or so to actually get it mounted on the wall.

Those with an eye for details will notice the fact that the brackets that were initially posted were not used. Once we got into the attic space and started looking at hanging it, we realized that with how the roof line changes and how the rafters are set, we would not be able to hang it as easily as we had hoped. So we needed to change the bracket to a wall mount and ceiling mount instead of using two ceiling mounts.

Here you can see the homelab is back in the rack where it belongs. The tie down strap that is seen in this photo was used while initially bolting the rack to the angle iron across the 90* brackets. Once the rack was hung from the ceiling, we applied a little tension with the tie down strap so we could drill into the rack and bolt everything down safely.

I took a few minutes and hooked everything up. Cable management can wait a little while. I also used this time to pick up and reorganize the right side of the garage again. It’s basically time to start using the garage again since the weather is now cooling off.

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