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I’m so good at not posting

This is the Internet. How am I not making bad posts at every chance I get? Especially when this is my private space and not some place that I paid money to post on where I might be banned and have to pay more money to post there. Whatever. I’m bad at this whole internet things.


I went to see Steel Panther and bought the best t-shirt they had. The show was phenomenal. I love going to Houston to see shows with Dino. He’s a solid dude. His wife is pretty awesome as well and I’m glad she puts up with me crashing on the couch randomly so I can go see awesome music with Dino. Julie, you’re the best and you’ll never know how much I mean that.

I finally got around to framing these prints I bought forever ago. I love Battlestar: Galactica. It was a great show on SciFi even though they did their part to discourage people from watching the show with the weird breaks in the middle of a season, moving the day it aired, changing the times it aired and all the other non-sense that Fox does with their good shows.

I even managed to get them hung in the hallway. This make my hallway feel longer and narrower though, which I’m ok with. It makes it feel like you’re speeding up walking down the hall. I have a small project that I got around to purchasing and completing! It was a miracle I actually finished something, but it took me like 5 months to buy this project. I spent a lot of time looking online and I probably should have just driven to the store. I’ll talk about this next. I’ll probably also make an announcement about the continuation of my poor life choices in the future as well.

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