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Best project II

This was the first session. I spent probably 90 minutes to get here. I was enjoying myself too much to take photos.

Look at all the small parts to put detail into this thing.

It got to the point that I was slowing the game play down in Stellaris so that I could dedicate my attention to putting this rocket together.

So many pieces. So much detail.

At this point I called it quits and this was the end of day 2.

Slapped a few more panels on here and moved on to hopefully finish up this stage.

So much going on here.

There aren’t many custom pieces, but it all looks so busy and so cool.

All the detail for the motors blows me away with the few custom parts that are specific to this kit

Then we wind up here. I thought this was a good spot since it was almost the end of Stage 1 and it was time for work again.

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