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Home Lab Upgrade

So the home lab got an upgrade so that I can run a small Minecraft server and have a SAN for more VMWare stuff.

Getting it racked was pretty straight forward. That’s the easy part.

Getting it cable managed, is more work. This is just ugh. It’s also a first iteration so it’s pretty rough with what ports are going to get used.

A couple days later I get the first of the cable management done after I get the last of the cables in. Except I’m waiting on a second UPS at this point because this UPS is way over a reasonable load. I’m pulling a little over 600W on a 1500VA UPS. So I’m waiting on a second UPS and they I’ll revisit cable management since I’ll need to deal with power and will probably just shut everything down and pull it all apart so I can make all of the routing nice and workable.

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