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Hung some more prints

So I’ve been looking on and off for a while to frame some more prints that I thought were pretty cool. Looking around, I realized that the frames were going to be much more expensive that I thought. Even for something that’s really plain. I stopped by Michael’s after I finished grocery shopping and realized that frames were 50% off.

I think these are going to look pretty phenomenal in my office.

I picked The Chart of Cosmic Exploration up from Space is pretty cool. This poster is pretty cool. It’s a good fit.

A History of Space Travel also came from

Planet Terror is a promotional thing I picked up from Suncoast Movies many years ago when they were still around.

As long as I’m hanging prints and posters, I might as well set up the Playstation again too.

Pretty cool panoramic shot.

I’m enjoying my new office setup. I moved things around a bit after I started hanging them. I feel like this is a much better layout. I do need to get rid of that door though.


  1. Christopher Reeves
    Christopher Reeves February 17, 2018

    I’ve almost bought that solar system map several times.

    • Clay
      Clay February 25, 2018

      You totally should buy it because it’s pretty freaking awesome.

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