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New Door

So I haven’t been real happy with the front door. It was held closed with hopes and dreams with a crappy frame.

So I picked this up with a little prodding from my mother. It’s a mid-century style door and I think it will look nice with the white exterior and the orange tones in the bricks.

It’s really hard to take photos and do work for this kind of thing.

Door installed. I need to re-install the door trim in this photo and I still need to hang brickmould outside. The doorway came with 36″x80″ trim for the exterior, but the brick around the entryway is more like 38″x80″. I need to find some matching trim at Home Depot. I checked and I’m pretty sure that the trim they sell individually is an exact match for the door since this door came from Home Depot. It’s too cold to paint around the door trim currently. So I’m probably going to hold off on it until it warms up a bit.

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