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Sunroof Fix

So I bought the TSi in 2009. It had an operational sunroof that worked amazingly well for about a week. After a week of owning the car, I hit the button to close the sunroof only to have it stop about halfway and spit out a piece of plastic at me. This required me to fight with the sunroof for a bit to get it to close all the way. From this point on, any time I needed to close the sunroof, I had to apply pressure on the driver’s side to help it close. Some time in 2010, it spit more plastic at me and took a lot of work to get it to close. I never used the sunroof again until 2018. You can see the result:

The sunroof closing that far was the product of about 30 minutes of work. I couldn’t get it to completely close no matter what I did. Thankfully I had gotten some used sunroof rails from Aaron in August of 2010.

I started fixing this by opening the sunroof and pulling the glass off. Then I got to disassemble the interior further to finish the teardown on the sunroof.

I did manage to get the sunroof rails to lay flat.

You can see here where the sunroof rail broke. This is where the cable fits in the rail to move the sunroof forward and backward.

Here is a piece of plastic that broke off in the track and I was able to dig out after getting the glass out.

This is where the rail broke in the track. Completely unnoticeable with the glass in the sunroof.

4 frustrating hours later, I had the rails back in the car and a functional sunroof.

This is the first project on the TSi I’ve dealt with in a long time. It was frustrating to deal with. I put this off entirely too long. It’s also completely unnecessary to get this back on the road.

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