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The Work Continues

Not a whole lot of picture taking right now while there is work to be done. I’ve ordered some tires to replace the dry rotted ones. I’ve even had time to get them mounted and installed.

I managed to buy the last of the gauges I needed to monitor the motor properly.

They’re even installed and working. Car has a full tank of fuel too!

It’s also developed a fuel leak and seems to be burning a bit of oil under boost. The car has been sitting outside for a few days now while I’ve been cleaning the garage out and trying to get the smell of fuel out of the house. I’ll see about getting under the car to figure out where it’s leaking fuel from. Once I’ve got that under control, I’ll see about driving the car around enough to get the motor hot. Then, I’ll be changing the oil again and going with 10w30. That should probably fix my oil burning issue. We’ll see how this pans out.

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