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Time and Problems

The problem with letting a car sitting for years is that rubber belts tend to get old and dry rot. Especially when they break and it costs a lot of money. So I started off with the fancy Jay Racing tools I picked up to make timing jobs easier.

Set the cam gear holder. Check the timing at the crank pulley and…

Realize that you’re 3 teeth off on timing. Thankfully my 2gnt brethren pointed out that I’m garbage at doing timing belts since I’ve had 2 pop now and this one has jumped time. I’m pretty sure that the timing tensioner shifted or failed. Whatever. It’s all getting replaced.

Belt is all gone now.

OEM Mitsu parts. Belt, tensioner, bearings, pulley. The whole 9 yards.

Time to re-assemble.

Pretty much done and decided to call it at this point for the day. It was almost time to start work so I picked up and that was that.

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