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Slow Progress is Still Progress

So much maintenance to catch up since I’ve let this car sit for so long. So many things to finish as well. So let’s start the easy stuff because it’s easy.

Changing oil is easy. Except I had to refill everything through tiny fill holes with a mechanical hand pump. It was slow going. All new fluids are in the car though. Next up, sanity checks with the ECU and making sure that I can cycle everything on and off.

Well, as you can see, the sanity checks went sanely. So I got to tear everything apart and do some electrical work.

Electrical work is totally something I love doing. It goes so quick.

I eventually managed to get new gauges installed into the car. They work like they’re supposed to as well. Continuous power, switched power, illumination, the whole 9.

I’d love to say this list gets smaller, but the more I cross off, the more I find.

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