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XJ updates

So the Jeep has been popping while turning for a bit and I’ve been ignoring it because it wasn’t super critical. I had gone through the front end whenever I installed the lift. Shortly afterwards I would sometimes get a bit of a clunk or pop. It was super hard to reproduce. It slowly got worse and I was finally able to narrow it down to the steering gear. Because I’m broken and nothing is good enough, the steering gear needs an upgrade. So I bought a bracket to brace the frame and space the gearbox away from the chassis so I can upgrade the steering gear at some point.

You’ll notice that this is a plate for the right side of the vehicle. That’s because I’m not the brightest. So I had to order a left hand side bracket. While I was waiting on that bracket, I went ahead and started removing the power steering gear.

This was a bit of a pain as this Jeep does have a bit of a rust issue because it’s a Yankee Jeep. After I got the steering gear box disconnected, it was time to start mounting the new bumper brackets.

I figured I would go ahead and keep the bracket and install it on the passenger side for whatever I get ready to install a heavy winch bumper, I’ve got something heavy to bolt it to. This did require to drill some holes out in the chassis. It also required me to use an angle grinder to trim some chassis braces. I just needed to cut about 3/16″ off the bracket because I didn’t feel like removing it.

It’s all pretty easy to install and line up. C-ROK did a phenomenal job making this kit.

One of the last things I had to do was re-install the actual front bumper. This required me to readjust the width of the bumper brackets on the bumper since I had basically added 3/8″ to the width of the chassis between the bumper brackets. I’m quite pleased with the new remanufactured steering gearbox. The price was super reasonable from Rock Auto. Everything is nice and tight again. I’ve got no popping and clicking now.

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