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Still doing XJ stuff

So I’ve been wanting to upgrade the injectors in the Cherokee for a while now. Chrysler made some newer style injectors for a newer Dodge Caravan that had similar specifications to the stock injectors, but instead of having a single injector hole, they have 4. This supposedly leads to better power. Which I’m really not that concerned with since I have 259k miles on the Jeep. I’m sure it’s down on power and just replacing the injectors won’t make a power difference. However, I’m more interested in the better fuel economy that these injectors offer.

So used injectors are pretty inexpensive off eBay that have been flow tested/cleaned/matched. I got this set with new o-rings shipped for $70.

Old crusty injector.

New hotness installed. Please forgive the fact I forgot to take a photo of the difference.

While I was installing the Jeep, I went ahead and pulled codes on the Jeep since my check engine light had recently come on. The P0442 was probably from my test drive in the Jeep where I did not have the front bumper on and didn’t have the vacuum ball hooked up. The P0455 seems to primarily be related to the charcoal canister near the fuel tank. I did a quick check under the Jeep and saw that there was a rubber hose that has rotted out and has torn. While I was doing the fuel injectors, I went ahead and checked the vacuum hoses on the intake manifold.  I found a couple more elbows that are starting to rot out. So I now have a new task. I’ll probably drive to the parts store and just pull the elbows in the parking lot since it will be a toolless replacement. Hopefully by the time this post goes live, I will have gotten an alignment on the Jeep after going to the parts store.

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