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Been doing a little maintenance

So I’ve been doing a little maintenance around the house. Not a lot of maintenance though. This year has been miserably hot. It’s been pretty miserable inside the house since my insulation is terrible. I figured something that I should check this year is the outside a/c unit.

Yeah, this was a good idea. I’m pretty sure that it hasn’t been properly cleaned in years. Many, many years. All of the grass around the base of the a/c unit is stuff that I pulled off the unit by hand after I pulled the cover off.

You can see here how much better it looks after a dose of Dawn and a lot of water. I’m not sure if it cools better or not, but it feels like recovery is better on the unit. Not that it really keeps the house cool during the day properly. That probably won’t happen until I blow in about 12″ of insulation.

Also, this happened. Not many photos, but after 350,000 miles, dad’s truck developed a lot of issues. It started puking oil out of the front cover, the rear cover, the fuel economy had started to drop and it was down on power. The local dealer quoted dad about $10,000 to replace the motor in the truck. Dad offered a friend and I some cash to pull the motor and get it sorted out. So here we are.

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