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Jeep car audio project

So, I haven’t had more than 2 working speakers in the Jeep since I bought it in 2012. I mostly didn’t care about it because I’m pretty content to spend time with the radio off. This last trip to Ohio has changed my mind. While it’s nice to have someone to talk to, sometimes you just want to turn the radio on and mellow out for a while. So I decided to take all the car audio gear that I’ve had left over since the early 2000s into the Jeep. I think the biggest thing I’m pumped about with this project is having a sub again. The last sub that I had chewed up a bunch of space in the back of the Eclipse and Talon.┬áSo this time, I’m looking to make a custom box that takes up less cargo space.

Step 1: Tape off a larger area of the vehicle than what you are planning on using for the subwoofer box. Make sure that you overlap all edges at least once.

Step 2: Layer aluminum foil over the tape. Over lap the foil and tape all the edges of the foil down so there is no chance of anything leaking onto the carpet or interior trim.

Step 3: Cut up a bunch of fiberglass mat. Do not do this in the back of your vehicle like I did. This was a bad idea and it required a lot of time to clean up most of the fiber. I can still see more in the carpet. I need to work on that a bit more to get it all out.

Step 4: Start laying mat. Buy more resin than you need. I burned through 2 quarts of resin before I was able to get to point where everything was ready to come out of the vehicle and I really needed more.

Step 5: Let the fiberglass cure and pull it out of the vehicle.

Now, I screwed up not having enough resin on hand while I was doing this. I had to run to Lowe’s to get another quart. I should have probably purchased at least a gallon of resin while I was there instead. I found quite quickly that I was significantly more resin on the chop strand mat than I had initially estimated. Since I ran low on resin and didn’t plan accordingly, this will cost me in labor and materials in the next installment.

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