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Sporadic posts recently

So I’ve been doing a lot of work on the weekends and not so much posting. I’ve not been taking that many photos either.

The F-250 has been a large project that I’ve been working on when I’ve not been working on building a fiberglass subwoofer box. The truck made it to 361,000 miles before it lost compression on a cylinder due to a bent valve and was leaking enough oil to be a rolling superfund site. So Graham and I pulled the motor to have it rebuilt and then put the truck back together. While the motor was out, dad rebuilt the transmission. So it’s been a pretty massive project.

I pulled the door panel off in the Jeep and pulled the center console to pull wiring for new speakers. I never finished the original speaker install after I made brackets to hold the speakers.

I also installed a new seat in the Jeep. I got tired of hurting after driving the Jeep more more than a couple of hours. So far, this seat has been worth the money. It’s quite firm, but I don’t mind it at all. I like the fact that I opted for the lumbar support.

I even convinced my brother to come over and hang some ceiling fans as a last project before he moved to Virginia. The brass ceiling fans that I had previously had sagging blades and were out of balance. I’ve been doing a lot of projects and just not taking as many photos as I should have been or posting as often as I should have.

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