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Add Lightness

I’m tired of being in a room with poor lighting, lights that hum, and lights that won’t turn on. So I bought some fancy LED lights after looking at them for the better part of 6 months. The final straw was when after replacing 3 lights in the fixtures that the lights almost immediately stopped working until the fixtures had been on for more than an hour or it was warm in the room.

I went with a continuous strip LED lighting product that sits inside an aluminum tray with a diffuser lens. In the photo labelled installation almost complete, you can see a light shadow being cast by the transformer for the LEDs. After I got most of the installation completed, I realized the only way to not cast a shadow and have continuous lighting was to slightly elevate the lights. I was able to do this with short lengths of 2x4s supporting the aluminum channel to pick the lights above the transformer.

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