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More clean up, more posts about it

In order to get the pickets moved to the front yard easily, I hauled a trailer over. It rained for about 15 minutes while I was driving home with the trailer. I almost got stuck on what was very hard ground that morning. I just slowly let out on the clutch and both rear wheels spun. Shifted into four wheel drive and pulled straight out.

After I got all the fence picked up and moved, I started trimming trees and bushes.

While I was trimming, I went ahead and cut down 3 crepe myrtles in the front yard. I’m tired of having them rub against the house and having to deal with that. They also don’t get enough sunlight to flower much.

Unfortunately the batteries for my Makita died before I was able to finish cutting the stump down. I had to wait a day for the batteries to charge to finish that job. It was at this point that I decided I needed more batteries and a dual battery charger for the Makita. More on that later.

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