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We left for Arkansas

After modifying the trailer two days before we leave, we load everything up and go. The best way to test something is by immediately throwing it into production. I’ve learned this through my career. Nothing can go wrong.

Greg has his 1969 Honda CL70 loaded up next to my 2000 Suzuki DR-Z400E. The rear of the Explorer is completely packed with luggage, toys for my nephew, parts, tools, everything we thing we might need.

We did manage to have quite the uneventful drive up. We did need to stop a couple of times and adjust the straps for the motorcycles. I’m not real big on how the Canyon Dancer handlebar mounts work. While they worked great for the short run I had made previously out to Norco, the longer drive resulted in them bunching up on the grips which allowed the bikes to sway significantly more than I was comfortable with. Nothing fell off though, so that was a wonderful feeling.

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200 posts and pre-trip

This makes my 200th post. I’m super surprised I’ve managed to keep it around this long. Seriously. It’s a ton of work to keep doing things, taking photos and writing about it. I had originally intended to make this much longer and talk about more things, but I think just carrying on will be the best thing I can do.

So here we are pre-vacation. Putting an 88cc Honda motor back together.

Things went pretty well when we weren’t breaking the skirt off a piston or otherwise being stupid and wasting time and money.

So I found a second stop for the motorcycle trailer. While I was prepping the trailer for our trip to Arkansas, I added more eye hooks so we had more attachment points to haul two bikes.

4 new points makes it easy to load two bikes.

Basically ready to go now. I was looking forward to this for so long. Obviously, I’m back home now. I’ve got photos and a good story out of this trip. I’ll definitely keep updating this with tales from my trip.

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First ride out

Had some fun this weekend on my first real ride on the DRZ. I loaded up Saturday and headed out to the Bonne Carre Spillway in Norco to meet up with Phil.


So I threw the DRZ on the trailer. It towed well and didn’t give me any issues.


I wish I could say the same about the bike. Even though it had a pretty smooth idle in the garage, it didn’t run nearly as well in the wild. It didn’t want to idle without me cranking the idle screw way up. Then it didn’t want to not idle at 4-6,000RPMs when I was in gear and actually riding. That made riding interesting to say the least. I did however learn a lot about throttle modulation to manage speed and lightly massaging the rear brake to help keep RPMs down as well. I’m sure this is not the right way to do this, but it worked.

I have a carb rebuild kit on order now. I also ordered an idle mix screw with an extended handle. This will allow for adjusting elevation change in the future. I’ve also ordered the JD Jet kit for rejetting to what Thumper Talk/ADV Rider/pretty much every other forum out there recommends for making it run a bit smoother while eliminating some bogging issue when you first take off.

I have a list of other things that I need to purchase as well as a list of things that I need to adjust. I’ll post about them more as time goes on. No need to make a list in this post.

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