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Category: House

Clean-up and Insulation

It’s hot, I’m lazy. I haven’t done much recently with the house. I’m currently working on getting the funds together to tear out the chain link fence in the backyard, have all the stumps ground out, and then rebuilding the fence. I could probably do this fairly soon if I would stop spending money elsewhere.

I spent a few hundred dollars and insulated half the ceiling over the living room with R-30 insulation. It seems to help a little bit. I only have access to half of the ceiling since it’s vaulted against the roof line on the west side of the house. The only way I would be able to do anything there is to tear out the ceiling and do spray foam against the back side of the roof and probably stuffing more fiberglass insulation there as new sheetrock went up. I’m not that hardcore about insulating the living room right now. Maybe at another point in time of if I need to do large scale repairs to the deck on the room at some point.

The other terrible decision that I made was to buy new windows. As you walk near the large windows I have on the west side of the house, you can feel the temperature change in my living room the closer you get to the windows. I’m tired of not being comfortable in the house and the temperature varying so wildly from room to room. I’m tired of listening to my blinds slap the windows when it’s windy outside. I know that insulation is probably a better value when trying to deal with temperature control, but I’m taking a leap on these two windows.

I’m not prepared to deal with the windows on the other three sides of the house and I’m not yet prepared to deal with the windows in the master bedroom either. I can close the master bedroom up during the day to keep the temperature down in the rest of the house assuming this actually helps. So maybe in another 4 weeks I’ll have installation photos. I decided to go with Window World and give them a shot. I’ve got a couple friends who have been pleased with the product they got and I rolled the dice. $1300 installed isn’t the worst price in the world for what is essentially the replacement of 5 aluminum single pane windows.

Maybe after this I’ll get back on the sub box and the audio installation in the Jeep. I have a bunch of small lingering projects that i can make some headway on with a little time. I’m in the planning stages of a long weekend away from all my responsibilities and hopefully when I come back from that I’ll be a bit more refreshed and willing to work on house projects again. Being lazy about this stuff is killing me, but I don’t have the drive to do it right now.

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Last one down

It all boils down to this: One last tree. One final piece to the landscaping nightmare.

Using the Jeep as an anchor point to keep this from dropping on the fence, I was able to fell the last tree. This tree had been growing up the chain link fence and was part of the fence. I had to use a ladder to cut the tree about 7′ off the ground.

2 hours later and it was mostly cleaned up. This was a long week of yard work getting the fence line mostly cleaned up.

A solid pile of yard debris. Hopefully, this is the last of what I will be dragging curbside. Now, I just need to figure out what to do about the fence line in the backyard.

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Gate idea and more clean up

I got tired of trying to align the gate every time I closed it so it would stay closed. I got the bright idea to hammer a 4″ PVC coupler into the ground and fill it full of gravel. This makes it easier to know where the double gate should be whenever it’s closed and keeps me from having to make a bunch of holes in the ground every time I want to close the gate.

Then I started cutting. I’ve gotten real good at cutting trees down in the backyard and taking the scrub down with it.

I can not stress how much poison oak was in that tallow tree. It’s been gone for 3 weeks now, but I’m still getting over the poison oak on my arms and legs. I know I’m allergic. I took steps to mitigate my exposure. I still got it. That stuff is the worst.

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