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Sporadic posts recently

So I’ve been doing a lot of work on the weekends and not so much posting. I’ve not been taking that many photos either.

The F-250 has been a large project that I’ve been working on when I’ve not been working on building a fiberglass subwoofer box. The truck made it to 361,000 miles before it lost compression on a cylinder due to a bent valve and was leaking enough oil to be a rolling superfund site. So Graham and I pulled the motor to have it rebuilt and then put the truck back together. While the motor was out, dad rebuilt the transmission. So it’s been a pretty massive project.

I pulled the door panel off in the Jeep and pulled the center console to pull wiring for new speakers. I never finished the original speaker install after I made brackets to hold the speakers.

I also installed a new seat in the Jeep. I got tired of hurting after driving the Jeep more more than a couple of hours. So far, this seat has been worth the money. It’s quite firm, but I don’t mind it at all. I like the fact that I opted for the lumbar support.

I even convinced my brother to come over and hang some ceiling fans as a last project before he moved to Virginia. The brass ceiling fans that I had previously had sagging blades and were out of balance. I’ve been doing a lot of projects and just not taking as many photos as I should have been or posting as often as I should have.

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Sub box still under construction

So after cleaning up the fiberglass with water and some clean rags, I used acetone and rags to clean it up more.

After it was all cleaned up, I broke out a sharpie marker and marked the fiberglass where I wanted to trim it down.

A little work with a grinder later and I had a fairly neatly trimmed back to the sub box.

Quick wash down with some water later and it looked pretty nice. Just need to let it dry and then wipe it down with a bunch of acetone before moving on to the next steps.

You can see how thick the fiberglass is here. It’s heavier in the corner than elsewhere, but it’s at a minimum 3/16″ everywhere. That should be plenty.

So I attached fleece to an MDF ring and glued the fleece to the back of the fiberglass. I’ll soak the fleece in resin after this point to finish up.

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XJ upgrades

So I’ve been waffling about buying new headlights for my Jeep forever. I added the Truck-Lite LED headlights to my Amazon wishlist in 2016. I finally bought them.

I really thought this would look stupid.

Instead, it’s like they’re dead

Until you turn them on. Good grief.

High beams say WHAT. I can’t believe I waited two years to buy these. I stuck these in the Jeep on a Monday night. I left to drive to the DSM Shootout on that Wednesday. I was thinking about how I was going to wind up driving at night and how the Silverstars just weren’t going to cut it.

I also bought a cargo net for behind the seat. It’s easily removed if I want it out of the Jeep. It uses the mount points on the rear seat belt, a mount point where the rear seat locks in to hold it upright and at the bottom around the hinge where the seat folds forward. This is only the half height net. I didn’t think I needed a net to go all the way down to the floor of the cargo area. This came in super helpful as it allowed me to stack stuff all the way to the ceiling in Cincinnati so I could carry a third passenger. This was a fantastic idea and doesn’t really obstruct the view out of the rear window.

I might have more news coming soon as I’m in the process of making poor financial decisions in regards to my Jeep!

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