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day i brought it home 2 day i brought it home

This is my 1999 Jeep Cherokee. I bought this from an old man west of Lafayette in April of 2012. He said he was the original owner and I have no reason to doubt his claim. I picked up this Jeep for a reasonable price of $4000 with the expectation that I would use it for a daily driver and camping out of at some point in the future. It had 189,xxx miles on it the day I brought it home and been pretty reliable so far. It is a four wheel drive vehicle with a 5 speed manual transmission and the reliable 4.0L six cylinder. The 99 is probably one of the better years to have as it has all of the better parts that were put on the vehicle from the factory without having all of the emissions equipment and poor head casting of the 00-01 model years.


I’ve tried to take care of this guy since I got it. I hope I’m doing right by it. Hopefully I will have many, many more years of service with it.

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